Produced for the Rena Bransten Gallery

Featuring interviews with:

Garth Clark, Garth Clark Gallery
Ron Nagle
Richard Shaw
Patterson Sims, Montclair Art Museum
Betty Woodman

TRT 35:30

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Viola Frey: Memory Assembled


When Viola Frey died in 2004 she left behind a rich and complex legacy layered by the enigmatic quality of her person. Widely recognized as a leading figurative sculptor of the late 20th century, Frey’s monumental achievement lies in successfully expressing her artistic vision through a highly personal iconography and in the extraordinarily rich diversity of her work.

Viola Frey: Memory Assembled is an exploration of the life and work of this remarkable woman. Begun prior to her death, the film incorporates original footage of Frey, and interviews with her artistic peers, eminent art historians and curators. From her childhood in Lodi, California through her education as a painter and ceramicist and her career as an artist and educator, Frey’s impact on the art world is discussed and lauded.


California College of the Arts
Arizona State University
Honolulu Museum of Art
Portland Contemporary Crafts Museum