Feature length documentary shot in Beta
SP & 16mm Mastered to Digibeta; Available
in Digibeta, Beta SP, VHS, DVD

Total Running Time: 48:39/56:40 with
additional interviews // NTSC Color

Shot in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas,
Memphis, Kansas City and New York City
Original Film completed June 2001/Additional
footage October 2003.

Directed by David Bransten
Produced by Scott Stohler & Lolis Eric Elie
Cinematography by Rachel Libert

Music by Wycliffe Gordon

US Distribution - American Public Television
International Distribution - TVF International

Smokestack Lightning
A Day in the Life of Barbecue


A look at American culture, particularly that of the American South,
through the food tradition known as barbecue. Through ten subjects
from five different states, Smokestack Lightning explores the history
and tradition of this food from its rural beginnings to its present day
incarnation in large-scale commercial organizations.

Shot in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Kansas City and
Memphis the film explores the various traditions that comprise
the world of barbecue, including those of African-Americans,
Mexican Americans and European immigrants.


IndieMemphis Film Festival
RiverRun Film Festival
Breckenridge Festival of Film
New Orleans Film and Video Festival
Savannah Film & Video Festival
Copia: The American Center for Food, Wine & the Arts
Crossroads Film Festival
Carolina Film & Video Festival
Dahlonega International Film Festival
Slow Food Berkeley
Slow Food Napa
Big Apple Barbecue Block Party


Best Documentary - IndieMemphis Film Festival